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Groundhog Day - Ser Phillip's Quest

Groundhog Day - Ser Phillip's Quest

On Ser Phillip the Groundhog's most recent quest for glory he embarked through a cave filled with twists and turns so numerous and confounding that he burned through all his torches long before finding the treasure he sought. His keen sense of smell guided him deep beneath the earth towards the alluring scent of oak wood, steel, and something else he couldn't quite place. Further and further in he crawled.

"Is that light? This far down?", he chittered. "That's impossible at this depth..."

His pace quickened! There was a dull blue light raking across all surfaces of the cavern now.  He approached a large crack in the stone walls where the light was brightest, and squeezed through, his helmet scraping loudly against the narrowing stone. He emerged into a small round room only a bit taller than himself. Glowing blue runes lit the cave walls, surrounding a simple pedestal where there lay a round metal shield which had a warm orange aura about it. Ser Phillip picked up the shield with wonder and inspected the handle where there was a fine, glowing inscription.

It read:
Shield of Savings
Fortify GoT Barter 22% (Breaks after 96 hours)
Use code:
The mysterious smell was that of savings! As he held the shield the cave runes glowed brighter and brighter until they were pure white lights, beaming into the shield with a loud crack.

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Happy Groundhog Day!

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