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Conan Set #1 - Five Coins from the Hyborian Age

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Coins from the Hyborian Age™

A selection of five coins from five kingdoms of the Hyborian age.


Black Skull of Crom • Cimmeria

These blackened nickel bronze coins were made to pay homage to the Cimmerian diety, Crom, whose chief function is to count the dead in battle. The reverse features a vulture and the inscription "Crom Counts the Dead" in Icelandic Elder Futhark runes.

Stygian Scroll • Stygia

These square coins are a small Scroll denomination from Stygia. They are usually used in the sorcery trade, primarily for the buying and selling of spells and potions. Features the double-headed snake of Thulsa Doom.

Aquilonian 1p • Aquilonia

This small coin of Aquilonia features the stern image of Conan after he has become king.

Hyperborean 1p • Hyperborea

A small coin of Hyperborea, a vast northern kingdom locked in perpetual winter and ruled by an order of witches and wizards known as the White Hand.

Turanian 1p • Turan

This coin is from the savage Kingdom of Turan, which sits on the south-western shores of the great inland sea Vilayet.

The coins in this set from the world of Robert E. Howard are struck from solid brass, copper and bronze, measure 2 to 2.4 cm in diameter, and weigh 2.7 to 5.8 grams.

Coin design by Tom Maringer and Woody Maringer, engraving by Woody Maringer. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Great quality

Michael J.

Great coins! I'd like to se a set of Stygian gaming coins at some point. Can we make that happen?

Jake H.
To good to use,

The only problem I had in ordering my coins is that when I received them the coins were to beautiful to use. I have ordered more since and I will do so in the future.

Frank C.
Excellent Coins by CROM!!

The coin set exceeds expectations. They're very cool!

Luke S.
These... you can trust

As a longtime fan of Conan and a frequent traveler to Hyborian lands (via imagination) it's great to be able to hold a piece of the story in your hand!

Conan Set #1 - Five Coins from the Hyborian Age | Shire Post Mint | Conan the Barbarian Crom Stygia
Conan Set #1 - Five Coins from the Hyborian Age Sale price$34.92 Regular price$41.91