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Maggie Ivy Designs

Coins designed by Maggie Ivy. Learn more about our artists

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Copper Fungible Token by Shire Post MintCopper Fungible Token by Shire Post Mint
Save $2.79Night's Watch Copper TokenNight's Watch Copper Token
Night's Watch Copper Token Sale price$25.08 Regular price$27.87
Save $1.40Coin of the First Men - BronzeCoin of the First Men - Bronze
Coin of the First Men - Bronze Sale price$5.57 Regular price$6.97
Aegon Targaryen Golden Dragon Coin | ASOIAF | Shire Post Mint CoinsAegon Targaryen Golden Dragon Coin
Set of 11 Pre-Conquest Westeros CoinsSet of 11 Pre-Conquest Westeros Coins
Princess Nymeria of Dorne CoinPrincess Nymeria of Dorne Coin
Artys Arryn StarArtys Arryn Star
Artys Arryn Star Sale price$13.94