Memento Mori

Shire Post Mint's octagonal Memento Mori coin featuring original art by Michael Shantz. Available in copper, silver, and iron. Necklace and keychain options available. 

"I was looking for a token to keep in my pocket to help me reflect on my own mortality to better appreciate the things that I have today. In my search, I specifically wanted the stoic latin phrase "Memento Mori" to be on one side of the coin. When I found this coin I was really intrigued by the design. First let me say that this coin is beautiful. The detail is really cool and I appreciate that one side is more of a skull and cross bones type imagine (ie death) while the other side has a skull more in the style of a Mexican calavera. It has an excellent weight to it and is easy to distinguish from any loose change that might happen to find its way in to my pocket. If you are a practicing stoic and looking for a token reminder to reflect on throughout your day this is a great buy. I recommend the silver version." - Adam, Memento Mori Silver Coin