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Warded Klat of Leesha Paper - The Demon Cycle

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Warded Against Demon Corelings

From the bestselling Demon Cycle novels by Peter V. Brett, including The Warded Man, The Desert Spear, The Daylight War, and The Skull Throne.

These wood coins were created by Countess Leesha Paper circa 334 AR to kickstart the economy after the Krasian conquest of southern Thesa flooded Hollow County with thousands of refugees. They were paid in inexpensive pressed wooden coins called klats, which could be used as food tokens and at general stores. As the Hollow economy strengthened, brass and silver coins were added to the currency.

The coins serve the dual purpose of providing succor from demons in the night. The wards around the circumference map out a basic circle of protection, and the coins themselves, if laid in a line, will repel demon corelings.

The obverse features the likeness of Countess Paper, while the reverse depicts her crest, the mortar and pestle. Each side of the klat is framed in a rotated ward circle, each ward protecting from a different demon.

  • Stamped wood, 2 grams

  • 3.9 cm diameter

Coin design by Małgorzata Mitmańska using wards designed by Lauren K. Cannon. Engraving by Woody Maringer. 


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Demon Cycle series and all related material © Peter V. Brett

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason H.
So SPM can do wood, too...

Nicely carved out piece. Detailed script.

Stunning detail.

I have wanted the Warded Kalt for ages and finally got one, the detail on them is amazing, I'll definitely have to get more of my wish list soon.

Sabina V.P.
Like a dream

Absolutely stunning! It's even better than I had hoped! And so thick and heavy!
It's truly amazing!

Warded Klat of Leesha Paper - The Demon Cycle
Warded Klat of Leesha Paper - The Demon Cycle Sale price$16.72