Leif Ericsson Silver Vinland Coin


Vinland That Might-have-been

A coin that might have been! Leif Ericsson founded a North American colony named Vinland that was later abandoned. If it had lasted, we think their money would have looked like this. The design was inspired by historical ancient viking coins, using similar imagery and engraved with chisel-engraving techniques. It features Leif Ericsson and the words "Vinland Moneta", translating to "Vinland Money."

  • Solid .900 silver, 2.4 grams (1/4 troy oz)

  • 2 cm diameter

Coin artwork by Greg Franck-Weiby. Learn more about our artists.

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Customer Reviews

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Breanna P.

Leif Ericsson Silver Vinland Coin

John T.
Great historical fiction coin!

I bought this Vinland penny along with the Arthur Pendragon siliqua, and both are amazing little historically fictional coins! They are well-struck, and look and feel like they could have easily come out of early medieval Europe, especially when I put them side by side with my real penny of Cnut and one of my late Roman siliqua coins. The engraving is top-notch, and they are struck on irregular flans, which make them even more realistic. And they’re 90% silver! How could you go wrong!

Jason H.
For fans of alternate history tales

The work to make this piece look like an authentic Norse coin is amazing. It is definitely worth a place in a growing collection of SPM pieces.

Frederick L.
Leif Ericsson Silver Coin

When I saw this coin and the Torrhen Stark Silver Stag I had to have them both. It seems the Stark Stag was in part inspired by the Leif Ericsson coin. As always quality craftsmanship from Shire Post Mint!

Brent G.
Excellent craftsmanship

The feel and design of this coin is very authentic. I really appreciate the imaginative 'what if' that inspired its design as well.

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