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New France 1803 La Nouvelle France, Historical Fiction Coin

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A coin that might-have been.

This coin is denominated one-sol, weighs about 9 grams of copper, and is done in the classic style of 17th century French coinage. 

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte secretly acquired the rights to the western half of the Mississippi River watershed from Spain in 1801. His plan was to use the vast resources of this territory to cross the Pacific, conquering China and the world. He was thwarted however, when a slave uprising on the island of Hispanola diverted the troops Napoleon intended to occupy New Orleans. By 1802, he faced a difficult decision regarding the colony he fondly called “New France”. If his forces attempted to control New Orleans in their weakened state, he risked a losing battle with the Americans over control of the Mississippi. On the other hand, if he were to sell the rights to the Americans, he might obtain enough money to fund his battles and gain control of Europe. Thus began the negotiations what  would unlimately be known as the Louisiana Purchase. In our creative interpretation of events, we surmise that Napoleon may have ordered coinage struck for his colony, and even after negotiations had begun, he might have been promoting the idea of French colonial occupation. The coin obverse shows the crowned “N” of Napoleon, while the reverse bears the denominational text, a wreath of oak leaves, and the date 1803.







Designed and engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby. Learn more about our artists.


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Customer Reviews

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Donald M.
New France

It is very nice and well detailed coin.It looks as if it has been around for over 100 years old.I hope to have the third coin in the group.

Hans L.
Beautiful coin! Master interpretation

Shire Post Mint is my absolute favorite mint! The craftsmanship, Waterbury press used, historical interpretation, and personal touch in packaging really set SPM apart from other mints. I love my New France 1803 La Nouvelle France, Historic :-) Thanks SPM!

Byron M.
New France historical fiction coin, part trois

This is a sweet little historical fiction coin. I like the aged look and I also appreciate that this coin series features slightly different & irregular diameters. This feels fealty nice to me. Thanks again for a great product, SPM.

New France 1803 La Nouvelle France, Historical Fiction Coin
New France 1803 La Nouvelle France, Historical Fiction Coin Sale price$8.34 Regular price$16.68