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Pet the Cat / Flip Again Silver Decision Maker Coin

Sale price$62.87

Obey your feline overlord...

Your cat will let you know when it is time to use this coin. Depending on the whim of your feline master, you may also need to use this coin for Feed the Cat, Play with the Cat, or Provide Animal Sacrifice to Cat*. If unsure of where to pet your cat, ask your cat where it would like to be petted. Communication is key.

  • .999 Fine Silver
  • 16.7 grams
  • 1.44" (36mm) diameter

*sacrificial tools not included

Coin design by Michael Shantz, engraved by Woody Maringer.  Learn more about our artists.

© Shire Post Mint. All rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carol B.
Pet the Cat

Very cute coin. Really good detail. Great customer service.

Cute! And practical

This coin's design is very cute, and it is among the essential tools for those in cohabitation with our feline friends. The cat I live with isn't always in the mood for affection, so I sometimes use this multi-functional coin to figure out if he might want to play with his favourite string toy (yes he does. all the time.)

The, the Shire Post team was extremely friendly to deal with while placing my custom order! A shout out to Sarah for all her help, and Woody for the handiwork!

Jason F.
A Coin for the Most Important Decision

Should you pet the cat? Yes, you should! Whenever your furry buddy is craving attention but you're inexplicably unswayed by their fuzziness, this coin will help you make the right decision. It's almost pure silver and has the cutest kitty on one side and a compelling paw on the other. Should you order this coin? Yes, you should!


Amazing detail very happy

Silver cat flip coin

Great detail in this coin

Pet the Cat / Flip Again Silver Decision Maker Coin
Pet the Cat / Flip Again Silver Decision Maker Coin Sale price$62.87