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Zodiac Cancer Moon Silver Coin

Sale price$34.92

Under the Cancer Moon... 

This Cancer Silver Moon features a crab surrounded by stars

  • Solid silver, 4.5 grams
  • .87" (2.2 cm) diameter
  • Zodiac symbol on one side, face of the Moon on the other
  • Comes in its own wax-sealed packaging with information about the zodiac sign
Cancer, the fourth sign in the Zodiac, is identified with the crab constellation. In Ancient Egyption lore, it was associated with the scarab beetle, a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The Greek myth behind this constellation is about a crab that pinched Heracles on the foot while he fought Hydra of Lerna, the serpentine beast with many heads and poisonous breath. The demigod killed the crab, and as the goddess Hera was an enemy of Heracles, she placed the crab among the stars to honor them.

People born from June 21st-July 22nd are considered to have Cancer as their ‘Sun sign’ - the part of an astrological chart that determines ego, identity, the character one plays in life. ‘Moon sign’ refers to the subconscious, intuition, inner world, and emotional self. 

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the element of water. Those with this Sun sign are often thought of as especially sensitive, compassionate, and tenacious individuals. Those with a Cancer Moon are often thought of as especially devoted and empathetic individuals with great senses of humor.

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Dave M.
Moon Coins

No Police As for Coins.. Were Nice.. But smaller than expected.. Was expecting more Quarter size than Nickel size

Jason H.
Zodiac Cancer Moon Silver Coin

For those who like the Zodiac and for Moon enthusiasts.

Zodiac Cancer Moon Silver Coin
Zodiac Cancer Moon Silver Coin Sale price$34.92