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 Once in a blue moon... 

This special edition of our Moon coin features a geographically (technically it's selenographically) correct 91,196,160:1 scale design of the surface texture of Earth's Moon's near and far side. A great worry coin, gift, or reminder coin. 

  • struck in solid niobium 
  • anodized blue
  • 1.5" coin 
  • 1 oz / 31 g niobium
  • archival packaging comes with description of the coin and Moon Facts! 

Designed and engraved by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Once in a blue moon...or twice?

i love the selenographically correct surfaces (cos i memorised them as a kid; fake details on ostensible "moon" coins just look wrong) and this 1.5" moon is big, heavy and chunky enough to show my mates (I think the 1 inchers are for girls? lol). I have 1 as a charm and bought another 1 as a once in 2 blue moons... SPM 1.5" stuff is addictive.... :D

Jason H.
Blue Supermoon - About Time!

I wondered why they did not have a supermoon version of their Blue Moon Coin. One of the best looking members of this series, it needed a larger update. As with the others, the details of the moon were painstakingly etched. A must-buy.

Blue Supermoon Coin - Large 1.5" Anodized Niobium
Blue Supermoon Coin - Large 1.5" Anodized Niobium Sale price$100.00