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Mistborn Keychain of The Final Empire

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Keep A Bit of Metal With You

These keyrings are a great way to carry your favorite Mistborn coins with your every day. The coin and keyring are high quality solid brass, and will patina beautifully as you carry them with you.



  • Final Empire Boxing in solid brass

  • Stainless steel keyring

Boxings are the large denomination coins of The Final Empire. They would be used for business transactions between noble families and the government Cantons.

The coin obverse has an image of Kredik Shaw, the Lord Ruler's palace. The text surrounding the palace reads "One Imperial" inscribed in the Steel Alphabet. The reverse has the symbol of the Kredik Shaw, as shown on official maps of The Final Empire.

The word "Boxing" was originally a slang term, referring to the "box" of the palace depicted on the coin, but later entered common use. These coins were made at some point during the Lord Ruler's 1000 year reign, but it is unclear exactly when.




This Golden Boxing of The Final Empire Keyring from the world of Brandon Sanderson is struck from solid brass, measures 2.97 cm in diameter, and weighs about 15.5 grams. Includes a stainless steel keyring.






Coin design by Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney, engraving by Woody Maringer. 

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Based on the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson, copyright Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC.: Mistborn: The Final Empire © 2006, The Well of Ascension © 2006, The Hero of Ages © 2007, The Alloy of Law © 2011, Shadows of Self © 2015, and Bands of Mourning © 2016,

Customer Reviews

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Chris W.
Worldhopper Approved

This missive is one of appreciation to the Shire Post Family for their aid in handling my highly unusual request.

I would highly recommend this merchant to anyone who wishes to have a piece of the Cosmere with them!

I spend a great deal of time choosing merchants to handle my strange obsession with Allomancy and the other forms of Investiture I have encountered among the Cosmere. Be it from Sel, Scadrial, or Roshar, I find myself enthralled in a way perhaps a select few can understand, so one might imagine my delight in finding a merchant who was able to procure a piece of coinage from the Anteverdant Age. My joy was further compounded upon finding it accompanied by an actual piece of signage from the historical Prelan Laird, with the unique seal of the Final Empire still intact!

The price of this artifact was well worth it! In addition to the item being delivered in a timely manner to my snow-covered homeworld safely, the coinage was well protected from the elements, and the letter showed no sign of additional wear. It makes a fine addition to my ever-growing collection! How the Scadrial historians employed by Shire Post managed to locate such a find is beyond me. It is clear they must have some access to Fortune, a contact among the Faceless Immortals, or another form of Investiture I have yet to study in depth...


My new favorite accessory! I ordered two (1 for me and 1 for my brother) and they kindly fulfilled my request to have them packaged separately so I could enjoy the lovely packaging too!

Samuel S.
Lord Ruler!

Wow did not expect such fine quality and don’t even get my started with the packaging! Was a real treat and worth the price alone! Thank you for my boxing!

Jerrica E.

Ordered this as a gift and the whole package was amazing! Packaging, presentation, product: all so much better than I could even imagine! Definitely will be buying more.


Absolutely love! Got this as a gift for friend who introduced me to the Mistborn series and he loved it! I feel like I won best gift giver with this one!! The personalized letter was super cool with details from the books. I even emailed customer service to get my friend’s name put on the letter instead of my own and they replied and updated this almost immediately! Definitely will shop again!❤️

Mistborn Final Empire Keychain by Shire Post Mint
Mistborn Keychain of The Final Empire Sale price$20.00