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Extremely Lucky Coin | 4 Leaf Clover

Sale price$80.00

Need a lot of luck?

A 4-leaf clover and a lucky horseshoe are presented within clear resin in a solid copper ring, with other lucky items. The real clovers were found, picked, and pressed by employees or friends of Shire Post Mint. All of the Lucky Pennies have been tumbled before encasing them in resin to look consistently beautiful. 

  • Comes in a clover-stamped tin
  • Solid copper outer ring, 1.5" diameter, 3/8"-1/2" thickness (TALL Version measures .69"-.84" thick)
  • Polished hard resin with two flat sides
  • Solid copper or bronze horseshoe charm
  • 1 Raw Emerald (size varies)
  • 1 Faceted Cubic Zirconia, 2.25 mm
  • Wheat Penny, various dates
  • Mercury Dime (in bronze variants only), various dates
$75 $80 $80
Copper Horseshoe Charm Bronze Horseshoe Charm TALL Version
Wheat penny Wheat penny Bronze Horseshoe Charm
Emerald Mercury dime Wheat penny
Cubic Zirconia Emerald Mercury dime
4-leaf clover Cubic Zirconia Emerald
4-leaf clover Cubic Zirconia
4-leaf clover

Customer Reviews

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Joshua M.

Extremely Lucky Coin | 4 Leaf Clover

Simone F.
I Feel Lucky

What a gorgeous piece! Easy to see the clover, horseshoe, gems and the coins...a beautiful art object!

Imperial T.S.
My luck has been restored!!!!

Since that darn black cat crossed my path I have felt so unlucky. Now it can bite me because the luck in this coin will over power that black menace! Worse comes to work I can always try to scare it by throwing the coin near its general direction.... j/k lol :-P #donthurtanimals


Extremely Lucky Coin | 4 Leaf Clover

Robert S.
A tad heavy in the pocket; but, is well worth it - get yours now!!!

As a kid I was always laying on a grassy hill hunting for that impossible 4-leaf clover - what great memories.
During the same period of time I also collected coins, specifically Wheat Pennies because again I was always looking for the rare find.
Now, I have a silver dollar sized super lucky coin that’s has my four leaf clover in it, as well as my wheat penny, a mercury dime, a mini horse shoe, a pseudo diamond and finally an emerald.
What else could I want - these are very nice coins - but as stated a little heavy in the pocket. I keep it in a little Irish Green velvet draw string bag and yes it’s in my pocket.

Extremely Lucky Coin | 4 Leaf Clover
Extremely Lucky Coin | 4 Leaf Clover Sale price$80.00