Iron Drab of Ceald - The Kingkiller Chronicle™


Thick Iron Currency from Ceald

A heavy trapezoid shaped coin is made from pure iron and comes from Ceald, a country in the northwest of the Four Corners of Civilization. The Cealdim were the first to establish a standardized currency, and to the present day Cealdish currency can be used throughout the Four Corners. We presume that the earliest money was made literally by sawing slices from ingots of metal. In more recent times they are no longer made in this way, but retain the same shape through custom and tradition. It features a simple stamp of a mountain and lake, the symbol of Ceald. Wilem, one of Kvothe's best friends and a student at The University, is Cealdish.

  • Solid iron, 29.6 grams

  • 3 cm length

Design by Tom Maringer and Woody Maringer, approved by Patrick Rothfuss. Engraved by Woody Maringer. 

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Officially licensed The Kingkiller Chronicle merchandise © Elodin Enterprises. All rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

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Pure geometry, pure iron, pure heft

Unusually parallelogrammed and non-magnetic, it always stands above the iron coin competition; i had to get one and play with Additionally, of course, i ended up reading the Kingkiller Chronicles as well... grabbing an iron drab was a goal; SPM quality, "chiselled" good looks and subtle marking (Is a reunion of the rest of the boy band coins planned?)

Hooray! No comment on future plans ;)

Austin D.
Amazing work, looks just as I imagined!

Very well done, solid piece of iron. Looks just like described in the books and included an excerpt from the books explaining the shape of this particular currency! Delivered straight from Ceald!

Phillipe M.
A perfect piece of fantasy

Everything from the packaging to the drab itself is wonderful.
I purchased multiple and they are perfect for keeping idle hands busy. The weight is very comfortable, and the weather worn finish is a pleasure to feel.

Lovely coins, but stop harassing me, please

Lovely coins, made with passion, professionalism, and attention to details. But MAN, I'm writing this review for one reason only: because I've received 6 mails asking me to write a review, this is really annoying.
I don't usually write reviews for what I buy, this is my right as a consumer. Most shops ask for a review once, maybe a second time, but not 6 friggin' times in a row... I know I should just block the email, but after all, you're asking me to write a review, here is what you asked for. I'd definitely buy again, but this review is really just so I don't get any more mails. It's a shame, because they really took time to make a lovely packaging!

Spare a Drab?

Probably my favorite coin from Shire Post Mint, despite being perhaps the least coin-like.

Holding one of these in your hands truly makes you feel that you're holding the currency of another time and place. Such a weighty piece, it makes you feel like the value is in the actual physical heft of the thing. Awesome, awesome, awesome. TY Shire Post Mint!

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