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MITHRIL™ Elvish Leaf of Spring Coin

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A Green Spring Leaf of HOLLIN™

Also known as Eregion (meaning Land of the Holly in Sindarin), Hollin was an Elven Realm of the Ñoldorin Elves during the Second Age. It was located near the West Gate of Moria, or Khazad-dûm. These coins were made by the Ñoldorin Elves while under the rule of Celebrimbor, the great Elven-smith and forger of the Rings of Power. Hollin was later destroyed during the War of the Elves and Sauron.

The Tengwar side translates from Sindarin:

“Star-kindler, O Elbereth! White shining slants down like the Silmarils from the heavens - the radiance of the star-host.”
On the reverse, in Dwarf Runes (Angerthas Moria):
“Under Celebrimbor, lord of Eregion Tegilbor made me in the eleventieth year of the third yen.”
The bilingual inscriptions indicate the Elves and Dwarves in this region maintained amicable relations and traded freely for years during the Second Age.

This Elvish Mithril™ Leaf of Spring Coin from the world of J. R. R. Tolkien is struck from solid niobium, measures 2.7 cm in diameter, and weighs about 6.5 grams.

Designed and engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby. Learn more about our artists.

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Customer Reviews

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Patrick M.
Beautiful artwork hindered by a stupid idea.

The coin is A beautiful concept that looks like A work of art more than a prop. It's quite easy to believe that it is from another world of magic. I bought one for myself and a couple for Christmas gifts. However, there is one criticism. I wasn't going to say anything until I heard from the other recipients about what a pain the accompanying paperwork was to preserve. The stupid gummy, wax seal is completely unnecessary, and causes nothing but aggravation. The only way to open it up is to tear the paper apart. The wax seal is a silly gimmick that detracts from an otherwise ideal gift experience. The paperwork is nicely printed, explaining the writing on the coin, and is a keepsake in its own right. Unfortunately, the wax seal ruins the paperwork and makes it impossible to open without tearing it up. I presume that shire post is trying to use the wax seal on everything to justify its existence or something. However, sometimes less is more.

MITHRIL™ Elvish Leaf of Spring Coin

I think it is a beautiful piece of art. My wife and I enjoyed visiting the store in West Fork.

Amber C.

MITHRIL™ Elvish Leaf of Spring Coin

MITHRIL™ Elvish Leaf of Spring Coin
MITHRIL™ Elvish Leaf of Spring Coin Sale price$40.00