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Pizzas of Eight Breakable Supreme Pizza Coin with two Tiny Pizza Boxes

Sale price$35.00

Did somebody say PIZZA?!?

Pre-sliced and ready for sharing...or not!

In a world filled with pizza it seems like there's never enough of it! Enter the permanent-pan pizza coin! Inedible, as hard as solid copper and topped with only the most finely detailed, cold-pressed ingredients delivered straight to your doorstep. Longer than 1-hour delivery guaranteed! This pizza coin is minted in our knuckle press and then pre-sliced so that it can be broken apart by hand. When broken apart, each slice has satisfying beveled edges after using the included file.


  • Supreme Pizza Coin in solid copper, pre-sliced. 100% Arkansas-made!
  • Two Miniature Pizza Boxes (hand-folding required for assembly). The perfect display packaging for your pizza. We designed, revised and prototyped, then laser-cut and stamp each box one at a time on site.
  • Small nail file for removing sharp edges after breaking apart slices
  • Packaging with both useful and useless pizza facts!

This coin weighs in at 32g, is 1.61" (41mm) around, and takes 90 tons to mint. That's the same weight as 180,000 16oz bags of cheese!

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Pizza Coin collection:

Original pizza coin artwork was designed by Michael Shantz, engraved by Woody Maringer.  Learn more about our artists.

Though it looks tasty, don't eat this pizza! 

© Shire Post Mint. All rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Frank S.

I love it...

Ashley S.

This coin is the absolute greatest thing I've bought. I really love the fact that you can break it into slices and the pizza boxes it comes with is just the cherry on top. I also love the attention to detail with the packaging and enjoyed the humor written in the information.

Miranda B.
A pizza party in your pocket.

As a lover of all things pizza, I cannot recommend these coins enough. The design is so cool, the little pizza box is amazing, and the overall fact that you can break it up to share a slice with friends is makes it such a sentimental piece. Everyone deserves a slice of pizza, and the Shire Post Mint made that possible.

Love this

I thought I was just buying a pizza coin, but getting this in the mail was a whole experience. There were wax seals and everything. I love this heavy little coin and the tiny, perfect pizza boxes that came with it.

This coin and packaging was so much fun to design. I'm glad the fun continues!

Kenleigh G.
Incredible Whimsy!!

The quality of the coin and the information included in the packing was incredible and such a joy to explore!

Pizzas of Eight Breakable Supreme Pizza Coin in a Tiny Pizza Box | Shire Post Mint
Pizzas of Eight Breakable Supreme Pizza Coin with two Tiny Pizza Boxes Sale price$35.00