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Prank Lost Keys set of 10

Sale price$25.00

Unlock Chaos via a Series of Tubes

- Sold as a set of 10, each with a unique QR code.

- Put QR codes out into the wild that lead to perplexing, gripping, disconcerting, goofy, timeless video content. Your favorite nonsense, blasted onto a steel disc with a powerful laser beam for maximum psychic damage.

- Experience the adrenaline rush of having dropped your keys without needing to pick them back up. Woah!

- Indiscriminate QR codes work on a variety of tech literate folk, from tablet kids to some government officials!

- Prank your unsuspecting friends! Got no friends? Prank strangers!

- We tumbled the keys in our tumbling tumblers, so they look like they've been roughed up pretty good.

- Contained in a nondescript resealable plastic bag.

10 Prank Keys included with links that lead to:

Fabulous Secret Powers

Opus No. 1 "On Hold Music"

Look Around You: Calcium

Strawberry Shortcut

Mr. Trololo

Kazoo Kid

Basic Electricity Lecture


Never Gonna Give You Up


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason H.
Nice April Fool's Day item

This is a nice little prank. The AR codes leading to prank links are a nice touch. The key blanks help to ensure someone's attention gets drawn to it.

Shawn R.
Super fun!

Dropped one in a coffee shop and then watched it get passed around as all the staff tried it. Got the kids on it and they lost some at school much to everyone's delight. Great idea, great execution.

Jason M.
Harmless fun for April Fools Day

Loved the idea and had a good time just leaving them around. Hope to do it again next year!

Great Prank!

Dropped one in a local St****cks and watched someone pick it up, puzzle over it, scan the QR and get quite a WTF expression on their face.

April Fools Prank Lost Keys | Shire Post Mint
Prank Lost Keys set of 10 Sale price$25.00